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Springfield School Football Team

Dated: 1946-47

Springfield School Football Team. 

Back row: Norman Roberts, David Tomlinson, Reg Bagnall, Eric Gibling, Ralph Wheatley,Jeff Coopey,

Front Row: Lou Record Eric Porter, Tony Coopey, Ian Warner and Maurice Trollope.

 Tony Coopey was captain, Eric Gibling was goalkeeper and Ralph Wheatley was centre-forward.


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Submitted by Claire Taylor … on Sun, 11/09/2011 - 13:13


That's my dad at the back, Ralph Wheatley, you've not changed much dad, just a little older, well over sixty years older! X

Thanks, luvvy, its just 65 years ago! I must add, all the thanks to our teacher/trainer Mr. Bembridge, who, at the time had been demobbed from the RAF about six/seven months previous.

Submitted by Scott Gibling on Thu, 10/11/2011 - 02:52


My Dad, is Eric Gibling. Described in this photo as the goalkeeper. Fourth from the left on the back row. He was a great Dad to myself and my Sister, Karen and a great Husband to our Mum, Vera. I remember when this photo appeared in the Derby Evening Telegraph. Sadly my Dad died on April 5th 1987. He once told me a story of when he was at school he was playing football and somebody took a shot , it came off his ear and smashed a school window. His teacher was none too pleased but i think he got away without punishment. Ironically i smashed my next door neighbours front window with a mis-directed shot at great velocity cost my Mum and Dad £8.00 to replace. My Dad went onto work at Celanese, Spondon for what seemed like 2000 years, until his death. He was also a member of the Derby Seranaders Show Band with his Mum and Dad and it was whilst he played in the band , he met who then would turn out to be my Mum. All my best. Scott.