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Springfield School

Dated: 1946/47

Form 2A pupils at Springfield are:- Back Row; John Bosworth, Malcolm Hall, Louis Record, Charles Bailey(Formerly Jelly) Alan Street Keith Arbon, Roger Shaw, Roger Millington, Peter Clark(e), Miss Chambers; Middle Row; Denis Godfrey, James (Jimmy)Young, David Orton, Peter Richardson, John Dakin, Joan Adams, Jean Winfield (Win) Sylvia Lane, Eileen (?) John Panton, Donald Yates Kenneth Needham, Trevor Bolt, John Earnshaw; Front Row, Brenda Griffiths (Granny), Marjorie Hicks, Janet Arnold, Shirley Waldron Alma Lloyd, Joan Dixon, Shirley Marshall, Betty Wilton, Moira (?),  Jane Edwards, Sheila Holmes, Adrienne Allen, Pat Leathers and Pat Clark.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 23/10/2011 - 17:42


Baz writes in October 2011
I wanted to comment on a couple of items the first one being re a photo on your website of pupils at Springfield on West Road. One young lady is unidentified but I am certain it is Moira Protherk who lived down what was known as middle entry by we kids that lived there. It is still there at the bottom of Cambridge Street on the Nottingham Road side in the centre of a row of palisaded houses. I remember Moira and her glasses.