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Copyright statement

The archive of material kept by Spondon Historical Society has been gathered over many years from many, many different sources. As a result, it is incredibly difficult for us to ascertain exactly where material kept in the archive has originated from.

The Society is making parts of its archive available online purely for information and local interest purposes. Our intention is not to profit in any way from the material featured on this website and we make no attempt to do so.

Where we are aware that an individual's copyright exists on a particular photograph, we have either sought permission to include it on the website or have purposely omitted it from the online archive in respect of the copyright held on it. If we have inadvertently used any copyright material then we will immediately remove the material from the website upon notification. Please contact us with any concerns.

All images on this website are purely for interest and information. No images on this website may be reproduced in any form without the express permission of Spondon Historical Society.