Meeting Dates

The Spondon Historical Society meet regularly at Spondon Village Hall for a variety talks, presentations and discussions.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month and start at 7.30pm. Anyone is welcome to come along to the meetings with visitors paying a small admission charge. Details of our forthcoming meetings are as follows:

Monday, 12 October, 2020 So you think you are British do you? by John Taylor. This light hearted and humorous talk examines some of the things we take for granted as being intrinsically British in origin.....but are they?
Monday, 9 November, 2020 The last English Nobleman hanged for murder, by Gay Evans. The story of murder at Staunton Harold Hall.
Monday, 14 December, 2020 The Art of the Christmas Card, by Danny Wells. One hundred years of the Christmas card (c. 1840s - 1940s).