59 Dale Road

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Photograph dated: 1987
Taken by: Guy Brighouse

Built 1900.  Mr and Mrs M L Harvey lived in this house for many years.  Mr Harvey's father was manager of the Dale Abbey coalmine (Footrill), which was just beyond te present Dale Cemetery.  Mr Harvey Senir bought Milwaukee House at the top of Coxon St and was a regular churchgoer, lay preacher and church warden.  His son was also a church warden. Mr Harvey Senior used to take the church service, sometimes in the old "Tin Tabernacle" in Stoney Lane.  This was built and endowed byMr Devas for the Church Army.  Four flats now stand on this site.

Guy Brighouse, 1987

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'Balla Crane' 59 Dale Rd is

'Balla Crane' 59 Dale Rd is my old house, I lived there from the age of 9 up until I was about 17 when my parents separated. Wow how different it looks in this photo, I remember the sash windows being taken out with the big weights and unfortunately double glazing being put in, along with many other alterations, shame this is the only photo I would love to see more if anyone has any.

We now live in 59 dale road.

We now live in 59 dale road. .good to see old photos of the house..we have a much older picture of the house hanging in the hall along with the deeds from the past. .very interesting to hear about others who have also lived here.

If you are able to email any

If you are able to email any other photos to us, we will be pleased to see them.

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