45 Dale Road

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Photograph dated: 1929

Holding the pony, a Welsh cob, is Bill Coxon, brother of Joe and Jack, who was a greengrocer, and whose shop is now (1987) Spondon Florist.  Brother of Mrs Tom Maddocks.  The churns in the milk float held 17 gallons.  170 lbs plus the churn which weighed the best part of 1/2 cwt.  The price of milk was 6d (22p) a quart in winter and 5d in summer. In 1931/4 it fell to 4 1/2d in summer.  Butter was 1s 6d (7 1/2p) a lb and cheese 1s. 0d (5p) home made.  No bottles: milk was measured out of a bucket into jugs and basins.  Life was somewhat gentler riding behind a pony!  This was taken when the pony was 29 years old.

Guy Brighouse, 1987

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