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45, 47, 49 Dale Road

Dated: 1987
Taken by: Guy Brighouse

These houses were built in the late 1920s.  They cost £450.  There was a government subsidy of £50 off that price.  The bungalow was built in 1930.  Mr G Brighouse has lived in no. 45 (1987) for about 30 years.  A Mr Mills built the bungalow and also the three pairs of houses opposite, and several more at the bottom of Borrowash Road.  The fields on which 45/49 are built belonged to Locker Charity.  The Charity bought the land at the time of the Enclosures in 1780/90.  Mr Yates bought the two fields from the Charity in 1923 by Auction.  The area at the back of these houses and bungalow is now Croft Close.  Just above that is Hamilton Road.  There is an oak tree on the grass verge at the bottom of the road which Hamilton grew in the hedgerow at the boundary of these two fields.  The second field took in the top half of Hamilton Road and across Sancroft Road to include numbers 52/58 approximately.  These two fields were about 5 ½ acres.

Guy Brighouse, 1987

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