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British Celanese Fire Brigade

Dated: 1927
Taken by: JH

British Celanese Fire Brigade with their Stanley fire engine around 1927. The strength of the brigade was increased on several occasions by the addition of more modern equipment, but this original unit was kept mainly as a museum piece well into the 1980s. It was, however, always maintained in full working order and members of the brigade claimed that it had a strength of jet far greater than many more modern vehicles. The notice over the doorway in the background states 'Danger - no matches allowed inside this plant' and the notice alongside the smaller door forids the carrying of lighters, matches, etc., and quotes 'smoking strictly prohibited'. Due to the highly volatile nature of the products, smoking was not allowed anywhere on the factory site, except in the canteens. This rule was strictly enforced and anyone found infringing the rules received instant dismissal.

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