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The Wilderness

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Submitted by Louise Dixon on Fri, 22/07/2016 - 18:18


George and Doris Dixon, who owned Dixons record shop in Sadler Gate, Derby, bought The Wilderness in 1946 for £1,100. Part of the house was said to date back to the 1600's, but it had been added to, over the years. Part of the house, which sided onto Poplar Avenue, was let to Mr and Mrs Tatham for many years. The full house had ten bedrooms. There was a range of stables and coach houses in the garden, running at 90 degrees to Sitwell Street and parallel to Poplar Avenue.

The house was sold in 1969, to be used as a private boutique hotel / restaurant. It was, however, on-sold and - disgracefully - was pulled down, to be made into a supermarket. A preservation order was granted on the magnificent and huge horse chestnut tree that dominated the garden. While the supermarket was under construction, a bulldozer "accidentally" backed into the tree, thereby making room for more cars in the carpark.

This was a magnificent house of beautiful quality. Together with The Homestead and The Village Hall, it added a grace to the centre of the village.