Spondon Park School

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Photograph dated: 1966
Taken by: JG

Spondon Park School May 1966 

Back row

Keith Pearce, Roger Thorpe, Adrian Parnell, Charles Metcalfe, Clayton Smith, David Chambers, Reginald Holmes, Paul England, Neil Cain, David Howell

Middle Row

Bronek Kaiser, Arthur Waddle, Jean Thomas, Linda Quigley, Linda Swift, ?, Rosemary Blavins, Gwen Bellamy, Hilary Mann, Francis Woodward

Front row


Clare Harris, Sally Browne), Gabriella Scapolan, Jane Rogers, Aileen Lubkowski, Miss Garfield, Marilyn Stevens, Julie Askin, Yvonne Wells, Jackie Thacker, Pamela Stevens

Miss Garfield's class

Miss Garfield's class 1966


I have just spotted this photo on the website and thought I would update a few names for you.

On the back row the two unknowns are Neil Cain and David Howell.

On the middle row second from left is Arthur Waddle not Smith.

On the front row second from left is Sally Brown(e) not Jan Johnson, fourth from right is Julie Askin not Stevens and first from right is Pamela Stevens.

I think these are all correct as I remember them.

Best Wishes
Roger Thorpe
New Zealand

Many thanks Roger. It's

Many thanks Roger. It's great to hear from the other side of the world!