Spondon Park School

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Photograph dated: 1969
Taken by: JG

Spondon Park School September 1969

Back row

David Styles, Paul Groombridge, Paul McCandless, Paul Bowdler, Charles Metcalfe, Paul England, Bronek Kaiser, Francis Woodward, Alan Whitaker, Adrian Parnell,  Jim Scholes, Mark Westmoreland

Middle row

Margaret Ball, Margaret Lyon,  Janet ?, Dittany Hickson, Jaqueline Brown, David Wildsmith, Edmund Matthews, Joan Thomson, Carole Carr, Gillian Brown, Christine ?, Jane Tinker

Front row


Katherine Cooper, Elaine Coustan Smith, Linda Swift, Jane Rogers, Jacqueline Groombridge, ?, Jennifer Styche, ?, ?, Fiona Cooper, Clare Harris

How many people on this photo

How many people on this photo have seen this?

Middle row - Was it Christine

Middle row - Was it Christine Pointen?
Front row - next to Jennifer Styche, is it Shirley ? followed by Pauline Rudge
Is that form 5a?