Spondon House School

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Photograph dated: 1971

I attended Spondon House from

I attended Spondon House from 1963 to 1968. Best subject was chemistry, must have been a pain to Mr. Holmes, never out of his lab unless in the music room. Brand new building when I was there, I even managed the secretarial course but never used it. Went on to People's college in Nottingham to study science. Moved to Norfolk a long time ago and was thinking of my school days today and thought I would look up my old school. What happened to it?

Hi,Spondon house was party

Hi,Spondon house was party burnt down,no longer there now..They seem to be building on there now(very early stage at the moment) think it May have something to do with West park school..hope this helps

Do you mean the Spondon House

Do you mean the Spondon House school with the swimming pool ?

I lvved my old school what

I lvved my old school what happended no need to go comprehensive ruined many lives for no reason grammer secondary don't mix

I attended Spondon House

I attended Spondon House School between September 1967 and June 1972. Sadly, the buildings that I knew are no longer standing, but perhaps some of the boys and girls I knew will jog a few memories: Andrew Pitt, Chris Oldfield, Lynn Bullock, Marian Foy, Lance Fisher, Robert Dawes, and Jennifer Whitcombe to name but a few.

why did they knock my school

why did they knock my school down it was the best years of my life formative education modern surrounds being big girl with new big school
though now i am an accountant yes me house mouse
rubbish comprehensive
stole my life
greeting from america

been to truro college

been to truro college finished my education on accounts front wasted my time in comprenhsive when it should have been left as it was as it was originally intended
left my beautiful people to go to st loyes college Exeter which is no longer there to study computer data processing
3 cheers common sence