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Spondon House School

Dated: 1955-56

Form 2A

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Submitted by Jennifer nelson on Thu, 18/02/2021 - 12:17


Hi there!
I have been searching and searching for any pictures of my granny, I can’t seem to find her anywhere not even on
Then suddenly I was so excited to come across a picture of her sister, on another website. That photo said form 2A in the corner.
I have just stumbled across this picture and straight away saw my granny, she’s the third from the left on the second row!
I want to 100% confirm it’s her and not her sister as it also says form 2A.
Is there any way at all I could know who posted this picture or you could contact them for me?
I would be extremely grateful!
Many thanks,

From SHS Admin: Thank you for your comment. I'm afraid we don't have a record of the provenance of this photograph.  It has been in our archive collection for some years. It may be that someone will see your message and contact us via the website.