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Spondon Parish Registers

Dated: 2022
Taken by: PW

Bound copies of Spondon Parish Registers belonging to Spondon Historical Society are on loan to Spondon Library so that they are available to the public. These registers were copied and checked in the 1990s by the following people.

Iris George, Kay Rigley, Jan Looke, Sydney Lusted, Brian Read, Jessie Riley, Jean Leatherbarrow, Susan Edwards, Molly Cameron, Joyce Beadsmore, Maureen Hinchcliffe, Pamela Stevens, Kath Clarke, Betty Bell, Margaret Mack, Pauline Doncaster, Alan and Marion Grant, Frank Peach, Marilyn Lindley, Mary Grzebiz.

Thanks are also due to St Werburgh's Parochial Council for permission to undertake the work.

These records are dedicated to the late Reverend T E M Barber, vicar of St Werburgh's Church 1938 to 1980, who both suggested the project and supplied light, heat and working space over nearly three years.  Without his help and encouragement the work could never have been completed.

Original spellings have been copied in this register, except that modern abbreviations have been used for dates.

NB Until 1752 the new year started on 25 March.


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