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Spondon Mothers Union group

Dated: Late 40s/Early 50s

Spondon Mothers' Union group, pictured in the late forties, early fifties.

Duncan Chambers writesn(October 2012) The woman third in from the left on the back row is my grandmother Mrs Frances Chambers. At the time this was taken she would have been living at 36, Oxford Street.

The Chambers have a long association with Spondon. I have traced the family name back to a John Chambers b1715. My Great Great Grandfather Joseph Chambers was Station Master at Spondon.


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The caption below the photo identifies some of the ladies featured in the picture. But can you help us to put names to anyone else in the photograph?

Submitted by Rebecca Thompson on Wed, 11/06/2014 - 22:12


The lady in the second row and fourth from the right is my Grandmother Mrs Cecilia Thompson nee Miss Wright. She was a member of the mothers union in Spondon for many years.