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Asterdale School

Dated: 1974

Mr Groves, Mrs Hay, Mr Connor,M rs Johns, Mrs Stanley, Miss Bailey

Angela R has emailed to say 

"The photograph of Asterdale Scool with Mr Groves dated 1974  cannot be correct as Mr Groves retired in  
1970. He was replaced by Mr Casey a Canadian , ours was the first class taught by him 1970-1971."

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Submitted by Susan Rennie on Fri, 06/01/2017 - 12:18


Mr Groves was still at Asterdale until at least 1974 as he taught us in top class for most of that year because Mr Connor broke his leg (I think it was his leg) and was off for most of the year. I remember it well as Mr Groves didn't like me can't imagine why...gobbie little madam that I was!!!☺

You are right susan. Mr Conner did break his leg during our last year at Asterdale which was 1974. Mr Groves replaced him. I dont think he disliked you I don't think he liked anyone! He was very strict