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Stubbs family

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Submitted by Carol Stoddart on Sun, 11/09/2011 - 09:50


The Man on the back row extreme left is my father John Chadderton to the right is his father in law Frank Brough and in front of him (3rd row)is Franks wife Alice,the lady on the left 2nd row is my mother May Chadderton (nee Brough)and the girl at the front on the left is her sister (Pat Wood (Nee Brough.
As yet I have no idea what the occasion is or can date it any better than pre 1952 when my Gandfather died.
hope this helps and look forward to seeing more information as it develops

To Carol Stoddard

It was lovely to read your note as I know very little about this photo which did belong to my gran who died in 1999. My gran, grandad and Auntie are all on the photo but that is all I knew, but since asking around I have been told that it could have been an outing or event attached to the bakery which stood next to the Church in Spondon village it could be correct as my grandad worked at the bakery or many years and he died Nov. 1953.

From Catherine

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