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Spondon Day School Honours Board

Modern photograph of an old painted notice board headed 'Labor Omnia Vincit , Honours Board, Mrs. Arthur Cox's Prize'. It lists the names of the winning male pupil of the Spondon Day School annual HONOURS award (aka top boy) between 1908 and 1920, viz: Joseph Chambers (1908), Sam Broughton (1909), Ronald Thompson (1910), John Flinn (1911), Herbert Ritchie (1912), Frank West (1913), Archie Cook (1914), Frank Grace (1915), William Lambert (1916), Charles Cook (1917), James Sinfoil (1918), James Antill (1919) and William Flinn (1920). The prize was personally presented by Mrs. Arthur Cox of Spondon Hall at the school's annual awards day.
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