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Spondon Park Grammar School

Dated: 1966

Class 3A.

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Submitted by Arnold Fletcher on Fri, 25/09/2020 - 02:05


Back Row: Mark Ball, cannot recognise, Paul Sedgefield, no, no, the big guy left of centre top is Malcolm Lee, Gareth Peacock?, definitely Bryn Stenhouse, no, Gregory Gleeson, who left for a Roman Catholic School, Anthony Davis, no.
Middle Row: Arnold Fletcher, Susan Partridge, Chris Bates?, Delia Hickson, no, Celia Plimmer, Arnis Bezias, no, Daryl Purcell, no, no, no.
Front Row: Except for Mrs Green, our tutor, I cannot recollect the names. Except, on the right is one Ms Marsden, who was intelligent, friendly and musical.
I cannot even locate Dawn Thompson, who was in many ways the best of us.