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Whiteman family

Dated: before 1945
Taken by: JH


John writes: The Whiteman family ran the Newsagents business in Spondon at 70 Chapel Street.  The owner of the Newsagents, Eliza Whiteman, is the Great Grandmother of my Father in Law who as a child use to visit Eliza with his mother, Eliza’s daughter.

 The family name can be easily seen in the window.  Eliza is shown on the photo holding a young child.  This must have been taken before 1945, the year she died.  

 Eliza Taylor was Eliza Whiteman and Ida Helen Sheldon was Ida Helen Whiteman.


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Submitted by David Trigg on Tue, 08/03/2022 - 14:43


When I lived with the Whiteman's, around 1949-50, they lived at, and ran the business from, No 10 Chapel Street, opposite the Conservative Club.
I can remember George and Olive, also Douglas, well from those days. I don't think that George ever took his cap off.
Bundles of old papers and magazines used to be piled up high in the 'shop' and to get upstairs necessitated having to climb up the piles of papers, crawls over the top of the pile then climb down the other side to go up the stairs. Today, it would have been shut down as a serious fire hazard.