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Spondon House School

Dated: 1954-55

Ms Allen writes:

Front row centre: Mr Albert Walton.  He directed two prize-winning choirs: Alfreton Male Voice Choir and Spondon Choral Union.


Front row third from left: Mrs Alison

Front row seventh from left: Mrs Billing, who appeared in the 1921 photograph as Miss Hulland

Second row fifth from left: Mr Davis, second master

Second row sixth from left: Miss Phyllis Davis (no relation)

Third row third from left wearing glasses: Maurice White


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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 16/08/2016 - 22:34


Mrs Threadkell, middle row, L to R, #8. Mrs Billing, front row, L to R, #7 (next to the headmaster). Both these ladies subsequently taught at Spondon Park Grammar school in the sixties, where as a pupil, I encountered them.