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Queen's Visit 1957

Dated: 1957
Taken by: MalS
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Submitted by Kate Bunting on Sat, 02/11/2013 - 11:38


I'm very interested to see the photos of the Queen's visit in 1957. I lived on the Nottingham Road (near the Angler's Arms) from my birth in 1951 until 1956. I have a distinct memory of being taken along to the section near where the Asda roundabout is now, to see the Queen pass by. I learned from my parents later that HM had an engagement in Derby but, so that more people could see her, she had left the train at Spondon and continued the journey by car.
Now, I've always thought of this as happening when I was a toddler, small enough to sit on my father's shoulder, and while we were living in Spondon, so I supposed it was around 1954. However, I can find no record of a royal visit in that year. My parents are no longer here to ask, but it looks as though it must have been the 1957 visit and we came back to Spondon from our new home in Ockbrook.