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Spondon Church Boys Club Outing, c.1939

Dated: Circa 1939

The Boys' Club first outing with Rev. T.E.M. Barber

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Can you help?

A handful of names have been matched to the photo but can you help to fill in any of the blanks? Also, do you know any more details about the outing itself such as the date, the occasion or where the outing was to?

Submitted by Steve on Sun, 13/11/2011 - 10:43


This is an historical ind very important photo. It shows the departure of the boys for the first of 49 annual camps run by the Vicar, The Reverend T.E.M. Barber. I believe the location is Spondon Station and the date August 1939. This photos and many others will feature on the new website of the Spondon Church Boys' Club. Contributions are welcome and we hope to build a great site.
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According to the Derby Evening Telegraph for Wed 2nd August 1939 a party of forty boys in the charge of the Rev. Barber set off earlier that day heading for an 11 day camp at Seaford in Sussex.