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Submitted by D. B. on Sun, 12/05/2013 - 13:26


Spent many happy hours wandering all over this estate feeding the Pheasants and Ducks to keep them around the Estate for the big Shooting days they held there. Mr A.B.Massie from Spondonwood Farm used to raise the young pheasants to release across the estate. I used to go as his Beater on the Shoot days and we used to stop for lunch in the stables behind the Hall and were supplied with huge bowls of hot soup and drinks to brace us up for the next beat. I remember them building the Nuclear Shelter underground on the hill overlooking towards the Lake, all supposed to be hush hush.

I used to visit the house as a child in the late 1960's / early 1970'. My mother was friends with the gamekeeper's wife, Nancy Steele and we used to visit from London. The gamekeeper, Ted Steele, used to take me out and about on the estate. They had a son, John Steele, who was about my age. Nancy, I think, used to do some cleaning in the Big House and we would be allowed to play in the house as long as we didn't break anything. I wonder if anyone remembers Ted, Nancy and their son John (I think John joined the armed forces and would be about 60+ by now).