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Taken by: Andrew King

Hastings family gathering at Moor End.

From right hand side back row - Leonard (Sonny), Charlie, James Arthur, Reginald, Harry,  Maud, Catherine (my grandmother)

middle row -  Fred (my great grandfather), Caroline (my great grandmother), Nora, Nancy, Ester,

bottom row, David King (my Father), Joan , Peter King.

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Submitted by Becky on Mon, 27/02/2017 - 19:55


This family is related to my husband too. We didn't realise when we moved to Spondon that his ancestors had lived there previously.

Submitted by Clive Walker on Wed, 24/03/2021 - 19:10


So many familiar faces! We lived next door to Reg and Flo in Moor End from the mid '30s until they died and their "Barn" was demolished to make way for the new houses in the '80s. I was brought up on stories of Hasting's Coal Yard, the pig stys and the war, and witnessed Reg's "driving" far too often! I recall Charlie with great affection as he was always kind and gave me sweets.

Reg was feared by the school kids who scrumped his orchard between us and Brunswood park (now Orchard Close). He'd run out with his shotgun shooting rock salt - I know of at least one poor soul who got a bottom full of salt!! Great days!!!!

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