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Hannah Isabel Coxon

Dated: 1931

Hannah Isabel Coxon.  Orchard at 55 Sitwell Street.

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Submitted by Ken Porter on Fri, 24/12/2010 - 04:52


I seem to remember as a small child going to Isabel for milk at their dairy. There was a hand pump for water at the entrance to the house.

She became the Girl Scout leader and my sister Margery belonged to her troop.

We were somewhat related to her family though Betsy Coxon, my Dad's cousin, who married Maddocks and kept the nearby grocery store.

Is this the same Isabel Coxon who was the leader of the Girls Brigade at Spondon Methodist Church,?If so,I was in her Brigade during the mid 50's-60's.At that time she lived in a large house in Dale Road.Mrs Hooley was her deputy.