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1st Derby Guides

Dated: 1967
Taken by: JG

Visit to Stavanger, Norway

2nd from right - David Boddy

3rd from right - Janet Oddie; 9th from right - Ian Oddie

3rd and 4th from left - Madge and Alan Oddie


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Submitted by Ian Oddie on Fri, 04/08/2017 - 06:27


4th right, Paul Camm; 5th right Trevor?; 8th right, Philip Walker (at 16 was allowed to buy a duty free bottle of Bacardi on the ship); 11th right, Gwen Nichols (Group Leader).
1st left, Harold Lowe (born comedian); 5th left, Diane Brough?

This was a joint 66th Derby Scout Group trip with the Guides/Rangers in the summer of 1967. Harwich to Kristiansand on a Fred Olsen ferry then train to Oslo, Geilo and Stavanger. Ferry to Bergen (amazing Smorgasbord breakfast) and train back to Kristiansand. Stunning countryside, especially through the glaciers. rWe stayed in Youth Hostels and apart from arriving in torrential rain on the Sunday and a cloudburst suspended on a ski-lift in Geilo, the weather was pretty good.