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Bob Mee's Memories of Spondon House School

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Bob Mee

Bob Mee’s memories of Spondon House School

I left in 1954 and I still remember to this day I was in Class 4S which was the top class with Mr Davies. On my last day he walked into the classroom and said that the headmaster Mr Walton wanted to see me.

Now what I had I done wrong?

I walked into the headmasters office and he extended his hand and shook mine. He says congratulations Robert you are top boy in the school. So on my report it said Robert is top boy in the school. What it doesn't say was that I was beaten by THREE girls. Jill Rogerson, Ann Langley and Joy Burridge all from Chaddesden.

My wife comes from Chaddo and she gets great delight in reminding me of the female brains in Chaddo. I was really chuffed as I got 45/100 for French which I hated and this was my top mark ever! Any improvement I might have beaten the Chaddo girls.

April 2012