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Original Photographer / Author
Guy Brighouse

Guy Brighouse wrote:

The changing face of derby

April 9th 1980

Mr and Mrs Ranby started their business (now Debenhams) in one of the small shops in the top picture.  In he 1890’s they came to Spondon, to the house which is now the “Crown Club” on Nottingham Road, he was confined to a wheelchair for several years before he died, during that time and for a number of years after, the business was managed by one of two nieces – Miss Maud and miss Edith Ward, they retired just after the 2nd war (1939/45) & sold the business to a South Wales firm and they later sold it to Debenhams,  Miss Maud Ward managed the business.  They retired to Sutton-on-Sea.

 Mr & Mrs Ranby started the business in or about 1837 according to Roy Christian.