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Submitted by Wayne Hickman on Mon, 05/07/2021 - 19:28


I used to own this bike from around 1992 to 2006 and raced it in the now defunct Forgotten Racing Club (FRC) which catered for this age of machine.. I got in touch with Spondon Engineering (when they were still in business) whilst i owned it, and their records showed that the frame was built in 1980. The engine was an air cooled YZ Yamaha motocross unit from 1979 which made the bike very lively as the whole package was very small and light weight. After years of developing it in my ownership,it would give many larger capacity race bikes a good run for their money! It diddn't have a fairing fitted when i first bought it and at that time you could lift the whole bike off the ground - it was that light! The fairing was of a type commonly fitted to Honda RS 125 race bikes of the same era, designed by Rod Scivyer who was a bike racer from the 70s. The above picture is very much as the bike was when i sold it in around 2006.