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Taken by: Andrew King

Grandma and Grandpa Hastings at Moor End

Andrew King writes:
Not sure of the house number but the Hastings family had 30-40 houses some in Spondon (around Moor end) the rest in Derby (my great uncle Charlie used have a coal business in Spondon and great uncle Harold was head of Derby Carriage and Waggon works - his son [my fathe'rs cousin] ran all the railways in Kenya and then Burma up to the 1980s) . One Moor End Hastings house house still stands which is a white house on the rhs as you turn left off Moor Street into into Moor End (which is where my Father was born). The house in the photos no longer exists - it was on the lhs immediately as you turn into Moor End behind a bungalow (flattened) - the whole now covered with new houses which were build following the sale of land by my father's uncle reginald. Hastings clan owned all the land up Moor End to the spondon town boundary - all now covered with housing. The eldest son Jack went to Toronto where the family had another spread - my great grandma Hastings went to visit Jack in the early 1900s and we have some photo's of her trip - by liner and then stage coach from New York to Toronto!

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