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Guy Brighouse

Stone – death announcement

Hollybrook was on the corner of Moor End until that road was widened in 1962.  He was a retired farmer, he farmed Burrowood, off Dale Road house now demolished.

Burrowood manor bought by Fitzherbert’s family during reign of William and Mary 1689/1702.  3 branches of Fitzherbert family at Norbury 1125 Henry de Ferrers held the Manor at Domesday (one of many manors) his son Robert gave the manor to the Prior of Tutbury and he conveyed it to William Fitzherbert in 1125 for a yearly rent of 100 shillings

 Another branch of the family were of Somersal Herbert (Somersal [only] when they acquired the estate) C1200, this branch became extinct on the death of Richard in 1803.

 Another branch of the family acquired an estate at Tissington through the marriage of Nicholas, son of John of Somersal Herbert about the middle of the 14th C, to Thea a co-heiress of the Meynell family, a descendant, William Fitzherbert was created baronet in 1783.

 There is no indication of which branch of the family bought (or built) Borrowood.